Online Application Registration For Aadhar Card

This article provides the details on how to apply aadhar card online. In case you have not applied for your aadhar card yet, it is time to get it. Possessing one will help you identify yourself anywhere in India for almost any purpose. There are aadhar centers throughout India and enrollment is free. The Aadhar card application form could be obtained from aadhar enrolment centers. In case you want to get the same over the internet you could do so by visiting the website of Unique Identification Authority of India. We will provide the details on how to enrol aadhar card online

Process to apply aadhar card online Registration

  • Go to the link where you will get the appointment form online.
  • Fill in the details .e. name, email and phone number. Please note that phone number filled here will be used further if you need to do any kind of amendment online and we would recommend to fill these details carefully. otherwise it will cause other troubles before you can get the aadhar card.
  • Once you fill the person details you can select the enrolment center and the date and time of the appointment online.
  • It is a must for you to visit one of the aadhar centers in order to register for the card irrespective of whether you obtain your form online or from an aadhar enrolment center.

Thinks to be taken care while visiting aadhar card enrolment center

  • Take the required documents with you to the enrolement center.
  • Carrying everything necessary along with you will make it easy for you to go through the process without any hassle.
  • At the time of registration, you need to provide identify and address proof to verify your application.
  • In order to prove your identity you could provide one of the 18 options listed in the website of UIDAI.
  • In order to prove your address they allow you to provide one of the 33 options given by them.
  • At the aadhar registration center the officers will take your photograph, finger prints and an iris scan.
  • Since these scans are unique for everyone, they are mandatory for UDAI ( Unique Identification Authority of India).
  • Once the process is over, you have the possibility to view the details given by you once again in order to make sure that they are correct.

Process to Apply Aadhar Card Offline.

Select your Aadhar Enrolment centre :- This is the first and foremost task one will have to go through for applying one fresh Aadhar card. Every state has a list of Aadhar enrolment centres where one will have to visit for filling up the application form for new Aadhar card. These enrolment centres collect all the information needed for the Aadhar card, from the beneficiary. One can also visit these centres for any correction of Aadhar card or any Aadhar related enquiry. One may visit the online link: to search all the enrolment centres of Aadhar card in India. The applicant can select the state or Union Territory, followed by respective district or city. This will show up all the Aadhar enrolment centres in your area which you need to visit for new Aadhar application. For applicants of Assam and Meghalaya, they must get in touch with the NPR centres.

Downloading the Aadhar application form and booking appointment

After the selection of an enrolment centre, the next task is to book an appointment for fresh Aadhar card application. One may do the same online through the UIDAI website or may contact the concerned enrolment centre and take an appointment. Taking an appointment is a good idea as it will save good amount of effort and time of an applicant. One can download the application form for Aadhar through the website from the link: This application format is also eligible for those who need corrections in their existing Aadhar card. The Aadhar application is totally free of cost. In addition to this, it is also not mandatory for all citizens to have a Aadhar card. However, possessing an Aadhar card is always advisable.

How to fill up the Aadhar enrolment form

Below is the step by step elaboration of the procedure to fill up the Aadhar enrolment form for fresh Aadhar card:

  • Provide any pre-enrolment ID is available. This will be applicable in case of correction of already existing Aadhar card. So fresh applicants should skip this section.
  • Fill up the NPR slip number or TIN number if available. Otherwise it may be left blank.
  • Enter the applicant’s full name in block letters.
  • Select your gender in the next segment. In addition of Male and Female, the Govt. has also included the Transgender option in this segment.
  • Provide the age of the applicant in years. One can also provide the DOB and select whether it is verified or not.
  • Fill the full residential address along with PIN code.
  • Enter the valid e-mail address. This is very helpful for those who want to know updates on their Aadhar card through e-mail.
  • Provide your valid mobile number in the next section to make yourself eligible to receive SMS notifications related to Aadhar card.
  • Fill name of any of your legal guardian like Father, mother, husband, wife etc. along with their Aadhar no. This section is optional for adults, but is mandatory for minor applicants who age below 5 years.
  • Select the type of verification which one may select. There are three verification modes that can be proceeded with. One is the document based where one can simply submit the identity proof and address proof for verification.
  • The second one is the verification through the head of the family. Here the HOF bears the responsibility to introduce his/her family member along with relationship proof for Aadhar verification.
  • The third Aadhar verification process is the introducer based which may only be done in case the applicant does not have proper ID and address proof documents or a family introducer. This introducer will be selected only from the Aadhar enrolment office and must possess a valid Aadhar card.
  • The last segment of Aadhar application is where the applicant must put his / her signature or fingerprint.

Biometric data to be provided at the Aadhar enrollment centre

The only fact that makes Aadhar card so important and unique is that it captures all the demographic as well as the biometric data of the card holder. So whenever the fresh applicant goes for new Aadhar application at the enrolment centre, biometrics will be recorded and will be embedded with the Aadhar no. which will be provided later on. Every enrolment centre is equipped with biometric capturing devices such as camera for clicking photograph of the applicant’s front face, iris scanner for recording the retina data and the finger print scanner. Finger prints of all ten fingers are captured separately along with two irises capture of both eyes.

Acknowledgement slip for Aadhar status check

After all the above formalities are done, the fresh applicant will be provided with a acknowledgement slip. This slip will be a machine printer slip which will contain an Enrolment ID which is a 14 digit number. This acknowledgement slip will also contain all the details which were captured during the enrolment process. This slip is essential for claiming your Aadhar card or to make any corrections if required. In case, one needs some correction in enrolment, the same can be rectified within 96 hours of enrolment. One just needs to show the acknowledgement slip to the enrolment centre. The EID will be essential to track the status of Aadhar card online or through SMS.

Check Aadhar Enrolment Status

After successful enrollment and getting the EID no. from the Aadhar enrolment centre, the applicant should wait for some duration till the Aadhar card is ready. However, one can always check the status of the Aadhar application which was done through the online link: Enter the EID provided along with date and time to check the latest status of your Aadhar card. In case one losses the EID which is required to track the Aadhar details, then one can visit the link: to get it back using details of mobile number and e-mail ID.

Check Aadhar Through SMS

Another mode of checking the Aadhar status is through SMS from your registered mobile number. The SMS should be sent to the number 51969 with the SMS body: “UID  STATUS  <14 digit EID>”. In case the Aadhar no. is generated, the same will be displayed in the mobile no.

Getting the e-Aadhar letter

The Aadhar card is one such document which is accepted either in original or also as a downloaded e-copy. The original colour printed Aadhar card is sent to the beneficiary’s address by registered post. This process generally takes up to 90 days. One may also download copy of their Aadhar card online which is equivalent and equally accepted as original. One may simply visit the link: to download the soft copy of Aadhar card and print it. There is no need to take a colour print out. Black and white print on simple page is totally accepted. One must enter the EID or Aadhar no. (if known), followed by name, PIN code, and mobile number. The verification will be done through sending an OTP to the registered number. Once Aadhar card is obtained, one should check whether it needs any correction or not.

What If You Don’t Receive The Aadhar Card OTP?

The OTP for Aadhar card is received in the mobile no. registered during enrollment. In someone needs any correction in the Aadhar details, the same is done by OTP verification. But there are some instances when one does not receive the OTP.

Reasons for not receiving Aadhar card OTP

One of the main reasons for not receiving the Aadhar OTP is that the mobile no. registered while making Aadhar enrolment is incorrect. The fault might be of the operator also who might have entered wrong mobile no. Other general problems may be your SIM card is either blocked and is unable to receive SMS. Or there might be some network issues. Another reason is that the phone memory for SMS has become full and new SMS are not getting registered.

Ensuring that the Application Is Not Rejected

In some cases the Aadhar application might get rejected. One of the main reasons of Aadhar rejection is submission of non-proper documents. Another reason might be that the person is applying for multiple times.