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SSA Gujarat Aadhar Dise
Gujarat State implemented Aadhaar Enabled DISE — Child Tracking System for collection of Student-wise information for Elementary Schooling of Class I — VIII since January 2012.

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Aadhaar Enabled DISE is deployed with a concept adopted from UIDAI to build database of students along with child wise record with Student Name, Parents Name, Date of Birth, Address, incentives & benefits received from Government. The same database use by State to conduct child wise evaluation under Gunotsav programme. Each year, existing records are being updated and new entrants in Class I are being entered under the system.

Dropout of children from schools, their absenteeism, performance of government schools and its teachers have a sledgehammer impact on primary education in various states, including Gujarat that is not known to have an impressive track record. But, things seem to be changing in Gujarat. Conceived in December 2012, the state government has from the June 2014 academic year put into practice a child education tracking system by assigning a digitised Unique Identification code number to all the whopping 87 lakh students between standard 1 and standard 8.

Under this system, annual child-wise records would be maintain with the student’s name, birth date, details of parents, address and incentives or benefits received, if at all, from the government. It call Aadhaar-enabled District Information System for Education (DISE).

State project coordinator of the Centre’s Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), every child will have an 18-digit UID number to track his or her academic career.

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